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Ok team, the book is done and ready to read! I appreciate any feedback you’d like to give, whether it’s specific suggested edits or grammatical fixes, or just general impressions on what works or doesn’t work.

There are three ways you can read it: 1) on; 2) on Google Docs; or 3) on your Kindle or iBook app. Instructions for each are below.

Please do give me comments, in any level of detail – what you liked, what sucked- everything. Either comment in Medium, on the Google doc or email me notes at I want all feedback. If something really doesn’t work for you or you think it’s terrible, please let me know! It’s the only way I’ll improve as a writer.

And if there are things you love, please let me know that too!

Now, here’s more details on where you can read the book:

  1. Medium: go to (you’ll need a Medium account -takes just a second). You can read chapter by chapter, comment inline, highlight favorite passages or comment at the bottom of each chapter. They have a mobile app but it doesn’t work offline.
  2. Google docs: go to this link which has a google docs folder of all the Chapters. (you’ll need a Google account). Feel free to make edits or comments directly in the text. Works offline if you have offline google drive set-up. Just copy the whole folder to your drive.
  3. You can download the ebook (epub); Kindle (mobi); or pdf version of the document by clicking on the appropriate link in this sentence. (I’m not a fan of this format because you can’t comment inline where I can easily see them; but they can be read offline). The file should import into your tablet or phone. If not, instructions for moving the file to your reader are below:
    1. Kindle novel
      1. Import mobi file to kindle or kindle app
      2. How to convert a pdf for Kindle
    2. iBooks novel NOTE-NOTE-NOTE: Apple does not make it easy to publish an iBook and this book seems to be buggy on iBooks. I strongly recommend that you download the free Kindle app and use the mobi file as described above. 
      1. How to import epub in iBooks
      2. Import a pdf for ibooks

(Note: you can export notes from iBooks or Kindle to email. So if you make notes in the book, please send them my way. Touch a passage and hold to make a note. Click on these links to see how to send them (iBooks, Kindle)

(Another note, you can always download the pdf and read it on your computer or print it out)

Thanks for reading, I look forward to your feedback!

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