Midas: A Marketplace for Innovation in Government

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Midas: A Marketplace for Innovation in Government

By Joe Polastre, 18F and Matt Chessen, Department of State

Midas is an online platform that brings to life the vision of an “Innovation Toolkit” for government. It is a marketplace of skill building opportunities which matches people to projects that they’re passionate about. You can think of it as “kickstarter for people’s time”.

The concept of an Innovation Toolkit started as a Presidential Innovation Fellows project to give federal employees a place to work on innovative ideas across government that may occur outside their normal job or management chain. The Department of State’s Office of eDiplomacy teamed up with The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy to prototype a crowdsourced marketplace for innovation.

Read the entire posting on 18Fs Tumblr blog

Check out the Midas repo on GitHub and the State Department implementation of Midas known as CrowdWork. 

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